Better Laundry at Betta Laundry

Doing your own laundry can be one of most tedious chores ever, and for a lot of us – a myth. So, if you live in Bramley or surrounding areas and don’t consider yourself the D.I.Y type when it comes to wash-iron-steam-fold-repeat – Betta Laundry has an easy and convenient solution for you.

At Betta Laundry, we specialise in taking care of all your laundry needs and cater for everything from, clothing, blankets, sheets and carpets – making life convenient for you – so you can focus on what matters.

One of the most exciting things about doing your laundry with us is that we’ve decided to host a monthly draw, where one of our loyal customers will walk away with R1 000 in cash. For the month of October, we’d like to congratulate Victor, who is a regular customer, and very excited about his prize money.

To stand a chance to win R1 000, visit Corlett City & let Betta Laundry take care of your laundry needs. Once you’ve handed in your washing, write you cell number on the white invoice, drop the slip in the box at the front of the shop, and you could have an extra R1 000 this festive season. The next draw will be on the 23rd of November.

It seems win-win to us… Take home fresh, soft and crease-free laundry and stand a chance to win an extra R1 000.

Visit Betta Laundry Online, or Instore, Today!

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