The Complete Guide to Storage

Are you planning to relocate? Have you just moved into a smaller apartment, and you’re looking to downsize? Do you have a collection of furniture, and other valuable items you’d like to keep, but you currently aren’t able to, due to a lack of space? Well if your answer is yes, let Corlett City provide you with a solution.

At Corlett City, we offer affordable, convenient storage solutions. Our storage spaces range from 12m/sq. to 88m/sq, so you can store just about anything. Another great benefit of choosing Corlett City, are the affordable monthly rates. Rest assured that with us, your valuables are always safe, as we provide 24-hour security.

With so many purposes that a storage facility can be used for, some people may overlook what is suitable and what is not suitable for storage.

Here’s a list of things that can be stored and things should not be put into storage, and the reasons why they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Do Not Store Hazardous Materials:

Do not attempt to store hazardous materials such as chemicals and gases. These should never be stored away, as they may be subject to temperature, leakage, which may cause notable harm in the long run.


This is another no-go zone for storage. Avoid putting away things like fireworks, explosives ammunition and anything that could be subject to room temperature.


Firstly, food should never be stored in a dark room for long periods, even if it’s wrapped and packed away. Food could has the tendency to attract ants and insect and other types of unwelcomed guests.

Electrical components, furniture, instruments (cased well), even clothes, are all suitable for storage for long periods without any potential of deterioration. So if you’re house is looking a bit clustered, have a vehicle you’d like to lock away, well offer you an affordable solution.

So, eliminate all your storage problems for good and visit Corlett City, today.

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