National Pawn Brokers

National Pawn Brokers offer immediate, simple, reliable and secure services for instant loans. We provide a fast and friendly service to people looking for short term cash loans focused on instant decisions and instant cash. The average transaction is under 5 minutes – what could be simpler? Our expertise, experience and understanding of the car pawn industry, fine jewellery, diamonds, fine watches and all the markets we trade in allow our clients to achieve the maximum loan against their items. You will be pleasantly surprised how quick and simple getting an instant cash loan against a quality item can be! We pride ourselves on the high levels of customer service given and the high quality instant cash services and retail sales provided.

National Pawn Brokers: The Easiest and Quickest way to get a Cash Loan

At National Pawn brokers, we provide quick and easy cash loans, without making you wait long tedious periods to be approved. Getting a loan from us is as easy pie, and requires less of your effort than you can imagine. From the moment you walk in, to the moment you leave. We complete the entire process within 10 to 15 minutes, and before you know it, the money is your hands.

Another key element, is our geographical setting. We’re located on a main road (Louis Botha), so getting to us is relatively simple. In addition to the central convenience, it’s quite difficult to miss our blue and yellow tall-standing property.

So, if you own a registered vehicle, possess some valuable Jewellery, fine watches or diamonds. Visit National Pawn Brokers at Corlett City, and we’ll make sure to give you the maximum loan value against your item.

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