Storage is Fun since the Wars have Begun

Storage is necessary. It’s a way to keep your belongings safe and clean until you reclaim them. It is also a way to hoard without anybody finding out.  But, lately, well, it’s fun too! Just when we started to think that there was nothing spicy about storing our valuables, Storage Wars came along and proved us, oh, so wrong.

Storage Wars offers some humorous insights into the weird and wacky things that people put into storage. The show also makes us wonder how people can forget that they owned a massive wooden owl that seconded as an alarm clock or an entire bin filled with stuffed animals.

Our favourite part of Storage Wars is that you never know what you’re getting. Sometimes money is spent on absolute junk… sorry guys, no going back! And, sometimes buyers land up making fortunes from the ‘gems’ inside the unit.

If you thought that storage was only made up of spare beds and dressers, get ready to be proven wrong! Corlett City highly recommends that you sit back, relax and binge watch Storage Wars.


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